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Rad Tiger

This piece is a theatrical display of my love of stripes! Stripes are versatile, used in so many strategic ways to enhance a space. My intention for this is to tell an exotic, multi-dimensional story that expands and invigorates your room. As you look closely, each stripe is different than the next, offering to tell a complex tale of a tropical landscape and a curious creature. The tiger is walking through this dreamscape, when he stops to watch you admiring him. The textures of the colors and their juxtaposition create breathtaking depth on and outside the wall. This will add texture and vitality to your space. This work can be printed as a single 10×10 roll or can be cut into 27in or 54in panels for a repeating wallpaper design set at your custom measurements.

Do We Do Custom?

Yeah, we do custom. Custom sizes, custom colors, custom designs. We can work with anyone and any space. We create and create any sort of uniqueness you could possibly want. Drop us a line and we can get a custom mural party started.

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