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Like the deep heat and ancient mystery of the African country of Egypt, this piece creates a rich, full, and warm energy. It is inspired by my admiration for the grandeur and marvel of the ancient Egyptian statues and structures. How did they really build those great pyramids? What kind of wisdom did they have? The use of some of this ancient symbolism brings a piece of that world into your space, invoking ancient and divine power. The grand pharaoh takes the center stage of the scene as the curves and designs entrance you along and within, like the desert sands. This piece will bring a great richness and intrigue to your space, while taking you on a mystical journey. This work can be printed as a single 10×10 roll or can be cut into 27in or 54in panels for a repeating wallpaper design set at your custom measurements.

Do We Do Custom?

Yeah, we do custom. Custom sizes, custom colors, custom designs. We can work with anyone and any space. We create and create any sort of uniqueness you could possibly want. Drop us a line and we can get a custom mural party started.

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