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This piece serves as a representation of the inner and outer world of the human being. We are all creatures of both dreams and conformity, ever-dancing between asleep and awake. In order to allow this work to blossom into what it is, I had to come into it with no perceived concepts. I simply allowed what was inside of me to flow out and become alive. It is a depiction of the colorful hallucination of life. The constant ebb and flow of a bursting battle of nature and technology that projects itself within the search for balance. On the left side of our brains we embrace harmony and nature, while on the right we indulge in the systems and logic of our social structures. It is full of symbols of beauty, transformation, and sacred order. This piece will bring color and vitality to your space, as well as the contemplation of our purpose and place in the nature of life. This work can be printed as a single 10×10 roll or can be cut into 27in or 54in panels for a repeating wallpaper design set at your custom measurements.

Do We Do Custom?

Yeah, we do custom. Custom sizes, custom colors, custom designs. We can work with anyone and any space. We create and create any sort of uniqueness you could possibly want. Drop us a line and we can get a custom mural party started.

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